I think I am still having trouble navigating the sea of information…too many places to check and too many places to remember how to navigate from one to the other…and each has its own methods.  Does this mean that I am getting old?  I hate that thought.  Or am I just having trouble concentrating? Hmmm….fun stuff…very interesting.  And I can see so many uses for the google docs/forms/spreadsheets in the math class room.  Especially if I flip the classroom and have students learn things at night, then I can use the form to assess what they’ve understood before we start problems in the class room.


One thought on “UGHHHH

  1. Am I doing this right?

    TEST! Let see if this makes it to the TLI 2012 page. I have this uncomfortable feeling… I feel advance in many elements of technology, but delayed in so many others. As much as I am enjoying learning new apps and websites that I can use as a resource in my classroom, there are so many small components to websites/blogs/wikis that I can’t figure out. Minor components, like writing a post to this blog, have me challenged sometimes, but for the most part I feel advanced with my technological skills… so whats the next step?

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