Teaching in the 21st Century

Teaching in the 21st century is all about student engagement. Engagement is the focus of a collection of web-based tools, interactive models, and iPads. Most importantly, these tools are versatile; they can be used in online, blended, and traditional classrooms.

In both high schools and colleges, technology has created the opportunity for improved pedagogy that is engaging students better. Harvard professor Eric Mazur “envisions a shift from ‘teaching’ to ‘helping students learn.’ The focus moves away from the lectern and toward the physical and imaginative activity of each student in class.” (Harvard Magazine) It is technology that is facilitating this shift.

My son Michael (Holderness) and I (NMH) are excited to share what we have learned about the new tools available in Web 2.0. We are both math teachers, but what we plan on covering will be of use to teachers in all disciplines. We will be joined by Vi Richter (Exeter) who will lead the humanities folks when we split up on Wednesday and Thursday.
Vi is the the Academic Technology Coordinator at Exeter.
Michael and I have been learning and implementing new tools and ideas in our classes this year, and are convinced that our students learn more effectively, and enjoy the process. Our students are digital natives; we are digital immigrants.
The workshop we will facilitate will be of use to teachers in all disciplines. We are also eager to learn how the tools we will discuss can be used in disciplines other than ours.
Dick Peller



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