Google Apps

I don’t find google apps to be particularly user friendly.  As of now, I prefer Dropbox to Google Drive, and I prefer creating presentations in keynote or PowerPoint.  The google speadsheet version is intriguing to me though because it is simpler than Excel; I think my students will find it easier to use.  I enjoyed using Google Hangout the most and I can see it being useful for extra help.  I can easily share my computer screen with students, which is much easier than using skype to take a video of me at a white board. I will spend some more time working with the google apps this summer, but I am not confident that I will be comfortable using them in the classroom.


2 thoughts on “Google Apps

  1. The google apps seem to be a great resource for collaborating with colleagues and students. The “google hang out” seemed fun, but lots of kinks to work out before I can use it efficiently in the classroom.

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