Where to find Web 2.0 tools (toolkit2)

Nice compilation of Web2.0 tools for teachers: link

The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators from freetech4teachers.com (one of the best blogs on teacher tech tools) — large pdf file, high school tools start on page 36.

Web2.0 tools lay-of-the-land with an eye toward uses in higher ed, visually organized: Barry’s best tools (also a good example of a mind map)

Non-youtube source for quality educational/howto videos is commoncraft.com

I have created two public spaces that focus on technology in high-school education.

Tech(briefly) blog provides brief reviews, tips and news about technologies relevant to educators (and students). It also contains a few webpages with lists of recommended technology-related tools and examples. This is a work-in-progress, but there are a number of pages that are “in shape” for consumption:

Effective Academic Tech website is the outgrowth of the Lunch-n-Learn series I ran at Lawrenceville during 2011-2012 year. It provides examples, recommendations and tutorials on a small(ish) set of effective Web 2.0 tools for teacher to use in both personal and educational realms.

Why do I need two spaces for this work since my blog includes webpages and my website could easily include a blog? Very good question and no good answer. I probably should combine the two at some point.


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