eBook Creation

Building Your Own eBooks for Primary or Supplementary Materials

As mobile devices continue to proliferate, the demand for electronic course
materials increases. The eText market is a work in progress, with publishers
trying to protect their core business while responding to the current needs of their
customers. This workshop responds to market and education trends, but also
examines the conventional wisdom that textbooks were designed to be a
timesaver for teachers both by providing quality course materials and driving the
structure of curriculum. Today, a teacher has several more options: 1) combine
chapters from a variety of texts; 2) use an interactive textbook to provide basic
materials plus simple assessments and interactive learning experiences; and 3)
create one’s own text using personal materials or borrowing the best work of
colleagues. Participants will learn to use several tools including The LearningMag, ISSUU, Pages, and iBooks Author to evaluate the capabilities of
different eBook creation platforms. There will also be a seminar regarding
copyright issues, use of the Copyright Clearance Center, and the state of
intellectual property in the digital world. There is a strong possibility that
participants could leave the workshop having created an eBook if they have
existing materials available.

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