Course management systems

These systems are typically implemented institution-wide. Some allow individual faculty to set up a free account for a limited number of classes, e.g. Canvas, Moodle.

  • Blackboard
  • — THE big one, but also expensive and outdated

  • Moodle
  • — open source, old kid on the block

  • Haiku
  • — a new kid on the block

  • Canvas
  • — a new kid on the block with a very clean logical interface; the company and user-base are growing VERY fast

  • Schoology
  • — another new kid on the block

  • Epsilen
  • Collaborize Classroom
  • Edmodo
  • — very Facebook-like interface

The list below are not “true” course management systems, but teachers have made them work as a basic course platform instead of using a “true” one. What’s a “true” course management system? Typically it integrates many (if not all) components needed to run a course: course document repository, attendance, calendar, assignment submission and grading, etc. For example, Google sites can be setup to do assignment “submission” and teacher feedback, but it doesn’t have a dedicated component for this and it takes a bit of teacher time to set permissions and access properly.


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