Change on the Fly

Yesterday, I was fully committed to working with Google Sites, but after a near meltdown today, I decided to simplify my goals, choosing instead to focus on mastering  This was a wise decision, as I was able to achieve my goal of creating a blog while at the same time maintaining my sanity.  I will still continue to try to develop a website on Google Sites this summer, but by this afternoon my patience had reached its breaking point, and I knew that I wanted and needed to master something before leaving Choate.  This, I did.  Sadly, I had to exit the conference a day early, and I was unable to say goodbye to most of you.  Thanks to all who helped me out this week, and I hope that we can all stay in touch and share what we have learned during this week.  A special thanks to Kris Wiemer for his kindness and patience this week and to Chris Edler who pulled me out of the depths this morning.  Have a great final day, everyone.


Google It Is

I spent some time acquainting myself with the many applications available in Google today with the afternoon dedicated to Google Sites.  While it is definitely not intuitive for me, it is nice to be set on a particular plan, and it is my hope that during project time tomorrow, I will make some progress.  Ah, nothing like sunrise in Gill, MA.Image

I Can See, I Can See

Well, not really, but on Tuesday I was introduced to numerous applications which I am hoping to spend some time toying with at some later date.  After seeing the many directions that I might go, I have settled on focusing my attention on the multiple Google options to see where that takes me.  I will put many of the other applications on the back burner with the idea that I can explore them during the summer.  It is both interesting and intimidating to be exposed to the many applications and websites available to all of us, but at the same time I have to remind myself that I can not conquer all of this at one time, so I am taking a big breath, taking it all in, and letting it settle. I wonder what this guy thinks of all of this:


Finding My Way

So many apps, so little time.  At least, that’s the way it usually.  I am finding that there is so much information out there, and it can be overwhelming, but it is nice to have some time to explore and to sample.  More importantly, it is nice to have people around who have much more of a clue than I do.  I was introduced to Puffin and Rover today and have had some time to try them out.  One step at a time.