Grading papers on the iPad

Just saw this, an alternative to Explain Everything that I will explore this summer:


Second try at a first project

Decided to try Google Sites to build a course site, instead of WordPress, which I found balky.  Work in progress:

Maybe you can see it, if I haven’t set the privacyrestrictions to lock you out.

Kris led us this morning through a survey of several apps and sitesmew might consider. Check the Toolkit 1 syllabus and notes for ourlist.  Lots of overlap with the list Vi posted below.  

Saw most of the NMH contingent at a bar tonight. What does that say about us?


Day two was a lot of fooling around with websites and iPad apps and blogging platforms, with help from Kris and classmates.  Having started with a WordPress blog yesterday, I am now thinking about using Google Sites instead, to create a course site (with blog embedded in it, maybe? Sarah was playing with this possibility this afternoon).  

Dinner with high school friends was a good change of pace at the end of a long day.