Thursday evening

The week is just about over. While Michael and I had carefully planned out every day, we found ourselves adjusting the plan every afternoon to meet the needs of the group. We wound up with more open discussions than we had planned on, but we are both grateful for the great ideas put forth by the group. We are convinced that this was time well spent.

Mathematica was a highlight of the week for me, and I am grateful to Will and Nick for their presentation and help with this program. It is fussier than I would like, but that’s the deal with most programming languages. This makes me want to dig into GeoGebra again, and see what if offers.

And thanks to Joel for a masterful job of preparation and gentle prodding. It’s been a great week, made extra special for me by the opportunity to work with my bright and creative son.

Dick Peller


Thursday at ESA TLI 2012…

Michael and I spent yesterday preparing the class for the work today- putting it all together and creating content for classes, possibly for next fall.

Today should be a productive and hard-working day, and we look forward to helping folks synthesize what they have learned…

Dick Peller