Change on the Fly

Yesterday, I was fully committed to working with Google Sites, but after a near meltdown today, I decided to simplify my goals, choosing instead to focus on mastering  This was a wise decision, as I was able to achieve my goal of creating a blog while at the same time maintaining my sanity.  I will still continue to try to develop a website on Google Sites this summer, but by this afternoon my patience had reached its breaking point, and I knew that I wanted and needed to master something before leaving Choate.  This, I did.  Sadly, I had to exit the conference a day early, and I was unable to say goodbye to most of you.  Thanks to all who helped me out this week, and I hope that we can all stay in touch and share what we have learned during this week.  A special thanks to Kris Wiemer for his kindness and patience this week and to Chris Edler who pulled me out of the depths this morning.  Have a great final day, everyone.


One thought on “Change on the Fly

  1. I hear you Ted! After having set up a few WordPress pages, I thought I would give Google sites a closer look. Just to see what my material would look there. So, this afternoon, I decided to put together a simple Google site only to find out that it was not so as easy. It was very murky to edit and navigate through that without having to follow a long list of directions for every small edit. I was about to give up when Nancy helped me out! It was a pleasure to meet you, safe travels!

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