T21c-humanities and the iPad

This morning we looked at and experimented with many iPad apps and talked about their potential use in our various disciplines. We also took a little time to talk about the basics of iPad operations like enabling find my iPad, how to manage your cloud backup size, how to type accented characters, how to edit, cut and paste, make folders for apps, move apps from one screen to another, lock rotation and more. Here is a partial list of the apps we saw or talked about:

Noteshelf (on sale today for much less than I paid!)
Pdf-notes and Notarize
Music apps
Grade book pro
Dragon dictate (and we found ipad3s do this without an app)
Print&share to print from your iPad
Puffin browser to view java pages
Flashcards and Mental Class and Stickystudy
Voice Thread
Nook, kindle and iBooks
Flipboard and Pocket and StumbleUpon
iTunes U
Idea sketch
Today’s Doc from National Archives
World History Maps and Google Earth

This afternoon we are going to take some individual time to work and do more research on our projects. Tomorrow morning we plan to talk about LMSs and the implications of choosing a particular one and how one might structure course materials effectively therein.


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