Day 3 Reflections

Because I haven’t used Mathematica extensively since my first year of college, I lost my familiarity with the program’s capabilities and immediacy with the syntax.  It was great to have a reintroduction to its power before playing around to reorient myself with Mathematica 8.  While I don’t think the graphics are as visually accessible for geometry as those that can be developed in Geometer’s Sketchpad, Grapher, or GeoGebra, I look forward to introducing my precalculus students to Mathematica next year while graphing — the sliders on images make the study of parameters extremely comprehensible.

This afternoon’s introduction to Canvas was a bit overwhelming, mainly because I’ve become comfortable with the organizational aspects of BlackBoard, which does what I need it to — disseminate information to my students.  I’ve spent the afternoon toodling around with Canvas and ways that the Quiz feature (my favorite part of this CMS) could be integrated with my classes.  Because I start teaching Immersion Geometry in a week, I hope to use the rest of TLI to develop projects or hands on activities to revamp my geometry lessons to be more student-centered and therefore more suitable for a day-long classroom setup.  This may include them making instructional videos for their classmates, playing with SketchExplorer on the iPad, or using some of the other tools we’ve explored so far this week.


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