After three days, I’m excited about using some of the tools we’ve been introduced to, but I’m also feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time it will take me to really get comfortable with and to integrate these technologies into my classroom/teaching. My project for the week is to try and make a short film using Google Earth, and my “take-aways” for now are Explain Everything for grading papers and Voice Thread for flipped classroom homework assignments. I have so many applications on my iPad now I don’t know where to start!

I’m realizing too that I don’t actually spend that much time “online” in my everyday lived life, but maybe I should spend more time using the computer to get my news, connect with people, etc. I didn’t realize what a dinosaur I was until this week…


One thought on “Alison

  1. I’m there with you! I spent some time this past winter and spring “getting to know” my iPad and learning more about technology and education. I had created several “Google Forms”, a Wikispaces site, created an Explain Everything presentation (that was too big to upload to You Tube) and meddled in Google Docs. But after just three days here, I am realizing just how much I DON’T know! It has been really fun seeing all the apps and all the websites that one can use to enhance their teaching. But choosing from that vast array has been difficult
    When NMH was “into” technology 15 years ago, I was one of the young faculty who were excited for the new changes. When we stepped away from the technology in the classroom pieces, I promised myself that I would not lose the momentum I had gained. I learned PowerPoint, got my news online, subscribed to early blog-like sites… and now I realize that I let the wave pass over me and now I am kicking for my life. I do not want to be “that teacher” who does not allow her students to use technology, who is afraid of new ideas. So I have to channel my inner 35-year-old and embrace the changes, but accept that my 50-something brain will take longer to process the information.

    Being a department chair also adds to the pressure. I really want to be able to lead my department forward and much of this leadership will have to be be example. So the pressure sometimes feels overwhelming. I need my Google Site to be up and working by the end of the summer, and I also need to get through the new textbook that we are using in U.S. History. One is now dependent on the other. I thought that I spent a fair amount of time on the computer, but clearly I will need to carve out more time just to work on my site over the next 6 weeks. I hope that the good energy from this conference will stay with me over those next weeks…emails anyone?

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