Day two was a lot of fooling around with websites and iPad apps and blogging platforms, with help from Kris and classmates.  Having started with a WordPress blog yesterday, I am now thinking about using Google Sites instead, to create a course site (with blog embedded in it, maybe? Sarah was playing with this possibility this afternoon).  

Dinner with high school friends was a good change of pace at the end of a long day.


One thought on “Sampling

  1. Since I’m struggling to log in, I thought I would reply here. As Hugh said, I’ve been toying around with google sites. I’m really pleased with how simple and clean the lay out looks (although it seems to be possible to make it more flashy). I’m still trying to decide whether the blog feature is important to me and if the announcements page type will be satisfactory. At the end of the day I experimented with uploading my personal blog into the site. It seems it won’t be able to be updated through the website so it may not be much better than having a link.

    Tomorrow I am excited to begin work on a slightly different project. I would really like to have my students put together an end of year ‘magazine’ or journal so that their final papers are more than just papers, but can be shared with each other and theoretically in an online magazine. So I hope to spend tomorrow exploring possible applications to see if this is possible.

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