Pagesend: best screencasting app for iPad?

Among other good things that we accomplished on Monday, out Toolkit group played with a free app called Pagesend.  While there may be other more powerful screencasting apps out there, this free bit of software offers a great chance for simultaneous collaboration in realtime as a brainstorming tool, a common whiteboard, etc. Add in the fact that you can record voice along with what is occurring on the screen and you have a pretty great learning tool.  One potential drawback lies in how to export the files in a common format.  While that process is not seamless, it certainly can be done with relative ease.  Would love to hear some more about synchronous collaboration tools for the iPad…


3 thoughts on “Pagesend: best screencasting app for iPad?

  1. Have you looked at Explain Everything? I used it yesterday and liked it, but it took forever to upload the video to YouTube.

  2. PageSend if the only one I know that combines screencasting and shared whiteboard functionalities. Among tools for just screencasting, Explain Everything wins — although it is sometimes a bit buggy, it is well integrated with Dropbox and has ability to record a screencast of web browsing.

    There are a number of tools for a shared whiteboard. Of the 30 or so I tested (details are at PageSend is the best one if you do not need people handwriting on different sheets at the same time. Incidentally, many apps I tested in this category were pretty buggy.

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