Day 2 Reflections

Day 2 was another success. We worked on using Google Docs and Twitter and blogging as classroom tools. I had some familiarity with them all, which made some of the discussion redundant for me, personally. However, that still does not diminish the power of these tools. As Dick says, Google is taking over the world, and I have to say that I am in favor of this movement. Google Docs are a terrific source for freeware. Their universality makes them relevant for classroom use, but I also know of their prevalence in a professional setting. As technology becomes more effective and user friendly, the dream of using one toolset to serve our students both currently and in their futures becomes a reality. Google could be a big part of this.

Tomorrow, I look forward to splitting up with fellow math/science faculty. Nick and I are planning  to give a brief overview of Mathematica. We hope to only give a brief introduction of its functionality, and then allow the faculty to explore this program at greater length. In addition, I hope to take some more time to discuss with my fellow math teachers what technological applications they have already made good use of in their classroom. 


Onwards and upwards!


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