Panama’s thoughts

ok… lots of new information… lots to learn and lots learned already…  a bit too many tech hiccups… so I found it a bit frustrating… I guess that is a good learning experience right there… my hope is that tomorrow wil be more smooth….

here is the question I am thinking about… the flipped/blended learning classroom exists without the use of technology… similarly, technology in the classroom exists without the flipped/blended classroom… so what is the argument for the two ideas simutaneously?


2 thoughts on “Panama’s thoughts

  1. Technology gives access on a whole new level. For example, sans technology, you could have the students read textbook as homework. With technology, you could have them watch a Nobel winner give a lecture on the subject, or have them manipulate (turn, zoom, etc) molecules on a tablet or a smartphone, or view an interview with an author, or practice speaking a foreign language with a native speaker of that language. Each of these examples, you could have done in the past (maybe), but it would have taken an incredible effort and you certainly would not have been able to do a new one every homework. With tech circa 2012, you can.

  2. Panama: I would love to talk tomorrow about this last question you posted. My initial reaction is that technology offers us a way to more fully enable students to learn at te pace that is appropriate for them. And, if done well, it creates an exciting student-centric learning environment.

    Let’s talk about this.

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