Hello TLI participants!

This is where you will post your daily reflections during the time you spend at TLI 2012. Posts do not have to be lengthy, but should be a good barometer of where you are at the end of each day. How did the day go? What did you learn? What do you anticipate will happen tomorrow? Click the New Post button in the top right corner of this site to add a new post (you must be logged in to this site in order to see the button).

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16 thoughts on “Hello TLI participants!

  1. Today was a busy day. The time flew by and I learned a lot. There was plenty of interaction and it was nice to hear the different things that people are doing in their courses. The Peller’s are inspiring without the hard sell :0)

  2. I think/hope it was a good first day. We covered a lot of material and apps, especially video creation. We posted videos to the class wiki, and had a good early morning discussion on traditional teaching vs. teaching with lots of technology.
    Looking forward to the next day…
    Dick Peller

  3. It sounds like there are a lot of applications for the iPad in particular that (surprise surprise) I haven’t heard much about yet. In trying to figure out how to make a video demonstration, Alison and I had some interesting pedagogical conversations about document reading, which was interesting. That being said, I found the video creation process difficult and intimidating. A quick video doesn’t seem suited to the type of work we do in the humanities, unless i were narrating an actual historical event/issue/concept … but in many ways that felt redundant of other things done well (Ken Burns, Textbook (ok, well is qualified), etc.). I liked the conversation that we had about what skills are needed to best analyze a document, but I feel like that was more of a result of the collaborative element of the project than the technology. I might just be grumpy about the video, though, because I sound like an idiot at minute 5. Onward and upward for tomorrow! -kg

  4. Interesting to attempt the screencast creation. Much more difficult than I remember. The challenge of breaking the content into a manageable chunk. Not too much information, focused on a topic, but not so many strands that the whole thing doesn’t make sense anymore. I need to try to make it with the Ipad tonight or tomorrow. I want to experience that because I want to ask my students to make these screencasts next year.

    The group is full of many great teachers, and I look forward to more interesting discussions for the rest of the week.

  5. Reflections on first day of “Teaching in the 21st Century”: Our morning sessions consisted of an overview of different applications and programs that can be downloaded to the iPad and subsequently integrated into the classroom. While the number of them was initially overwhelming to me (it seems as though you can never be completely on top of the numerous websites and open source materials that become available on a daily basis), I look forward to working more carefully with each of them throughout the week. As I created a video in Explain Everything this afternoon, I found a few limitations of the application compared to Notability, with which I am slightly more familiar. There have been times in the past year when I wanted my students to start learning material at home before it had been introduced in class, and I look forward to using these screen capture videos once I have worked out the kinks of how to create them. It seemed to take forever in light of how short my final videos were.

  6. Learned a great deal today…but wish I had more time to work with the programs. There were so many programs thrown at us and I felt a bit like a dinosaur. BUT…Explain Everything was REALLY cool, and I definitely will use it in the classroom this fall. I think my students will be able to use it to teach each other as well. And I want to play more tonight on my own time to make a few more videos. Thanks for a great first day.

  7. It has been a great day! Very busy and packed with info. Great to collaborate with Samar on a YouTube video and to begin to learn a few new skills. It has not been easy, it is challenging because it is new, but it will be more comfortable with more practice. It is great working with such a knowledgeable group!!!

  8. Today in the “Learning in the 21st Century” group, we went over a variety of different methods that can be used to enhance students’ experience with a course. One tool that was discussed was bamboo. I liked the idea of turning a laptop into a tablet using this device, but I envision that I would have difficulty using it because what you see on your computer screen is not mirrored on the bamboo. I really enjoyed learning about creating video with the ipad/iphone and can see myself making many videos for the students to view at home before a class meeting. Lastly, I am intrigued by Google Hangout. I have not heard of google being used in a classroom setting before, so I am interested to see how it works to have a group discussion outside of the classroom. I look forward to learning more about the Google apps tomorrow.

    Overall today was a great first day. I learned a lot, but certainly had my share of frustrations. I once made a screen cast movie 4 times, and each time the video would not upload to YouTube. That wasted about an hour of my day, but in the end I used a different program and was successful in my video creation! I assume that tomorrow will be just as successful.

  9. 11 June — Teaching in the 21st Century Feedback:

    Initially we engaged in a nice discussion to set the tone for our week-long unit. The small group component we used to share ideas before reconnecting to the group at large provided a nice environment for generating a nice variety of ideas (without too much overlap).

    While we explored a number of apps to help with screen capture for the iPad, I would have liked some more options for screen capture on a laptop. I spent much of my time downloading new software and exploring and troubleshooting existing programs before, ultimately, I discarded my attempts. My production was a rush job cop out that didn’t really accomplish what I intended it to. Nonetheless, I felt expected to publish something, and so I did.

    I would like to test drive a few other screen capture programs for the laptop to see how they incorporate audio overlay. If anyone has some suggestions, please send them my way. Compatibility with youTube is preferable.

    More thoughts to come. Too tired to articulate. I’ll revisit this later.

  10. Lots to think about, and a few great new tools. Of course, learning how to make and post a video is the easy part; it’s the work and thought that go into blending and/or flipping a classroom that is the real work!

  11. Will Nowak
    Teaching in the 21st century

    TLI is off to a great start. The morning was enjoyable. While the introduction to various pedagogical ideas and educational technological innovations was a bit overwhelming, it was also enjoyable. It is always fun to have the opportunity to share ideas, best practices, and future ambitions with a group of like-minded teachers who all desire to help their students learn in a fun and effective way.

    For those interested (and my future reference), some of the most intriguing concepts that we explored were:
    – Dropittome (blind document submission)
    – Google hangout as a means for extra help
    – Google forms and Polleverywhere as polling utilities
    – Opensource ebooks (Tyler Wallace Algebra text)
    – Disrupting Class – a book by Clayton Christensen
    – School of One- an innovative charter school in NYC whose focus is on educating the individual on a personal basis. Some principles behind this school are inspiring (building confidence and mastery in students) while I disagree with others (focusing on the individual versus a more collaborative approach to learning).
    – Eric Mazur – a well-liked, but ineffective Harvard physics professor.
    – The idea of pretesting and post-testing effectively to judge student progress.

    In the afternoon, we explored screencast programs. I used “Screen-O-Matic” to make a screencast regarding “While” loops using the EasyC programming language in my Robotics class.

    While my delivery was a little rough around the edges, the overall potential of this sort of tool became apparent. At the same time, this screencast technology sometimes seems to be overly instructional, if that is possible.

    We are talking about 21st century teaching principles, and I am trying to move towards a teaching approach that forces my students to take on a more exploratory learning approach. Thus, screen casts like this seem less enticing to me.

    For instance, Chris made a great video wherein he derived the “point-slope” formula of a line. This video was clear, concise, and most definitely a useful resource for a student seeking mastery in this topic. At the same time, I think that a screen cast like this should be used as a tool for review. This derivation, I feel, should be one that the students strive to uncover on their own. We need to show our kids less, and have them discover more on their own, with mere guidance from the teacher.

    In the week ahead, I hope to make more progress in developing my specific course materials. In addition, I hope to continue to interact with the wealth of knowledge that all of the visiting teachers contribute to this conference and to learn their best practices.

  12. Finally, I have the chance to play with all the new gadget and tools that I have been experiment with over the past year. It was what I expected and more. Thank you!

  13. I too have enjoyed the first day of the seminar. It was interesting to be introduced to new technologies. I also appreciated the time to experiment and colloborate with other teachers. I hope to have further discussions not only about how to integrate this technology into the classroom, but also the philosophy about how and why to do this.

  14. Terrific first day! Getting a chance to really think about what a etextbook can/should and having some exposure to potential issues surrounding content curation has been enlightening. I also really appreciate having extra time to actually do some thinking and creating after each part of the daily session. I am really looking forward to seeing and using the etextbook authoring tools tomorrow. I’m betting the afternoon discussion revolving around digital copyright issues will be pretty interesting as well.

  15. In the Toolkit seminar, we looked at not only what apps and programs were available, but also why they would be useful for various applications in the classroom. I appreciated the questions and honest answers about the various programs. This saved me lots of time when I was working on my project. I am excited by the energy of the group and the multiple opportunities to talk not only about technology, but also pedagogy. It would be great one day to have a common time for everyone to be working on their projects and a common place to work. That way we could interact with each other, learn what others are doing, and be inspired! Minus the puppy-chewed power cord that died, it was a really interesting first day.

  16. Day two was packed, but seemed to allow a bit more time for exploration and practice. The videos on the syllabus are good and the practice with Google docs and google hang out we’re interesting, and bring up some ideas for communication activities. I enjoyed the iPad in th art class presentation today and continue to collect great apps and ideas. It was another great day working and learning!

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